There are countless estate and letting agencies.
So why choose Sarah Clark?

We get most of our clients through referrals – so we’re very motivated. We can’t sit on our backside in a smart High Street office waiting for property owners to wander through the door. Nor can we spend a fortune on marketing to get our name out there. We’re keen, efficient, focused and a pleasure to deal with – because if our clients are not raving about us to their family, friends and colleagues then we’re in trouble! Click here to see some testimonials from those who love what we do.

We have the technology…

Technology has revolutionised the property market. A traditional agency office is now an expensive waste of space that, as a property owner, you don’t want to be paying for. Buyers and tenants get the information they need online – so that’s where we concentrate our efforts.

…but the personal touch too

However, personal service is also very important – the technology alone will not create a great customer experience! Whether you are selling or buying, letting or renting, there are countless issues to be resolved on the way. We have the sales and relationship building skills to make sure things move along smoothly, swiftly and to everyone’s satisfaction.

Different – in a good way

Customer service is one of those things that every estate and letting agent promises - but few deliver. Because we are so dependent on referrals we have to excel at it. With this in mind we don’t take on more clients and properties than we can handle. We’re not interested in being the biggest – we just want to earn a reputation as the best.